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Massage For You

Massage according to your ConstitutionThere are three doshas (or humors) which define your constitution: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. You are made up of a combination of these doshas which should remain in balance for you to enjoy good health.

If they are out of balance they can be brought back into your individual natural balance through massage specific to your constitution.

Massage For People with a Vata ConstitutionPeople belonging to Vata constitution are dry and cool by nature. Hence, oily massage should be given in the early morning or before a warm bath in the evening.

This kind of oil massage lubricates dry skin and protects the joints. Vata people are very sensitive to touch so warm oil should be used. Sesame oil is best for alleviation of dryness, coldness, stiffness and pain. Other medicated oils like Dashamula oil, and oil prepared from group of herbs included in Jeevaniya or Brimhaniya are the best for Vata. Generally, for people of Vata constitution, oils which have a 'hot potency' such as ginger, basil, camphor, jatamansi and eucalyptus are used.

Massage For People with a Pitta Constitution

The people of Pitta constitution have a rapid metabolism and tendency for fever and inflammatory diseases. Their skin is sensitive and easily gets rashes or gets inflamed. For Pitta constitution, cooling massage oil should be used. Coconut and sandalwood oil is most suitable for such people.

Both these oils calm the mind and cool the body. Sunflower oil is useful for inflamed skin. Medicated oils can also be used. Essential oils include lemongrass, lavender, jasmine and sandalwood which have cooling effects. Massage For People with a Kapha Constitution These people have thick and oily skin.

They need massage to improve their circulation and lymph drainage. As far as possible, oil should not be used for persons with this constitution. For the best massage, powdered herbs should be used.

These are dry and have hot potency. A small amount of oil can also be used. These oils should have hot potency like mustard oil or sesame oil. The massage should be vigorous and deep. For people of the Kapha constitution, the essential oils for massage are basil, ginger, clove, and eucalyptus. Massage for People of a Mixed Dosha ConstitutionVata-Pittashould use less oil than pure Vata.

Pitta-Kaphashould use sunflower oil

Vata-Kaphashould use dry powders of various hot herbs like acorus - vacha or dry powders of lentils and legumes like chic pea with small amount of hot and penetrating oils like mustard oil.

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