Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The pH of an animals blood (especially a race horse)

The pH of an animals blood (especially a race horse) is critical!

If you are looking for the reason why there is a sudden, and apparently inexplicable, drop in a horse's racetrack performance ... then continue to read!!!

The one single factor which causes a horse to 'train off' faster than any other is a disturbance in its blood pH balance. Almost impossible to detect, especially in its early stages, this pH disturbance can be attributed to an excessive build-up of acids in the horse's system, a depletion of its natural alkaline reserves, injudicious training techniques; and other closely associated factors such as high grain diets, the prevailing climate and workload.

A drop in the pH indicates an increase in the acidity of the blood. In lay terms, this is referred to as 'acidosis', but more correctly it is the LOWERING OF THE ALKALINE RESERVES.

The blood of the equine athlete has a very delicate acid/alkaline balance. Optimum performance demands that this balance be maintained within very narrow, even critical, limits. Read more...

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