Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kama Yogi

YOUR BODY IS YOUR TEMPLE! Maintain It Through Proven Ancient Practices for Sexual Enhancement! CHARAKA, THE AUTHOR OF ANCIENT AYURVEDIC TEXTS, WROTE . . .

"The healthy life has three main pillars - a balanced diet, mental hygiene, and a healthy not allowed life. " Kama Yogi's Powerful Techniques Give Significant, Invigorating, and Enduring Results! If you want to enjoy extraordinary not allowed and reduced chance of low not allowed drive and lack of vigor, vitality, and raw sexual energy, there is proven help available. India's men and women have been reaping the powerful benefits of YOGA for the past 5,000 years!

The 63-page Kama Yogi eBook with 165 color photographs offers a set of ancient spiritual practices geared towards the attainment of sexual vigor, improved vitality, and increased libido.

It will help you: Intensify Your Orgasms. Elevate Your not allowed Drive. Enhance Your Sexual Pleasure. Harden & Prolong Your Erections. Acquire Flexibility for Lovemaking. Satisfy Desires & Be Fulfilled. Kama Yogi is a product of: 5000 years of Yogic wisdom. Tantra and Kundalini principles. Proven Yoga postures. Time-tested Meditation techniques. Focus on physical & spiritual sexuality.

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