Saturday, July 21, 2007

Working Under Stress

Our cell phone is ringing. E-mails pour in by the minute. Deadlines, competition, budgets, bottom lines. Let's face it, the modern workplace is stressful. As a result more people than ever are suffering from sleep disorders, anxiety attacks and even Depression.

What we need is the ability to meet the mental demands of the day without feeling over-stressed. It was exactly this need that prompted The Council of Maharishi Ayurveda Physicians to formulate the Worry Free tablets.

"People have told me that if they take tranquilizers it reduces their anxiety, but then they feel so drowsy that they can't work," says The Council. "Research shows that Worry Free provides the best of both worlds: it not only reduces generalized anxiety and calms stress, it also heightens alertness so you can meet the demands of your day and prevent mental stress from mounting."

How does this herbal formula accomplish those three objectives? Here's a chance to look deeply into the ayurvedic wisdom and scientific research on this remarkable formula.

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