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Keeping Well When Monsoon Dwells

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:. Health Tips : Keeping Well When Monsoon Dwells .... Cont.....

Walking in dirty water during rainy season leads to numerous fungal infections which affect toes and nails. Diabetic patients have to take a special care about their feet. Always keep your feet dry and clean. Avoid walking in dirty water. Keep your shoes, socks and raincoats dry and clean. Drying clothes with fumes of loban and dry neem leaves is recommended in ayurvedic texts.
Precautions have to be taken to prevent dampness and growth of fungus (mold) on and around the house where asthmatic patients live. Avoid fumigation in case of asthmatic patients.

Ayurvedic Tips to increase body immunity and preventing diseases of monsoon.
1. The digestive system gets weakened due to dehydration in summer. This leads to low digestive power. This is further weakened by vitiation of doshas and dhatus due to monsoon. Hence following diets which increase power of digestion and strengthen the digestive system would be beneficial in rainy season. Light foods prepared out of old barley, rice and wheat.
Sour and salted soups of vegetables. Drinking boiled and cooled water mixed with little honey. Consuming little quantity of wine prepared out of grapes. Adding ginger and green gram in daily diet. Eating warm food.
2. Avoid the following ; Sleeping in daytime. Over physical exertion. Over exposure to sun.
3. Always keep the surrounding dry and clean. Do not allow water to get accumulated around.
4. Keep your body warm as viruses attack immediately when body temperature goes down.
5. Do not enter air conditioned room with wet hair and damp cloths.
6. Dry your feet and webs with soft dry cloth whenever they are wet.
7. Wash vegetables with clean water and steam them well to kill germs.
8. Avoid eating uncooked foods and salads.
9. Drink plenty of water and keep your body well hydrated.
10. Do not allow kids to play in stagnant polluted water filled puddles.

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Hello Doctor
I am 24 years old. I suffered from dryness problem on my face. I want to clear my face. I have some red marks, open pores too. Please guide me to make my skin soft, lustrous and good quality. Thank you.

My suggestions for dry skin are; First and most important is Diet, some good habits and Meditation or Pranayam. Avoid Junk food, canned food and improper food to your body constitution. To much sour or vata aggravating food can make skin dry. Avoid constipation too. Than second is good habits, like wash your face with little warm water 2-3 times a day. Every day morning, do massage with Amlaki oil or sesame oil. If you can find out good quality saffron oil (Ayurvedic name is Kumkumadi oil) you can add few drops of that in massage on face. After massage have hot water steam on face. Meditation and Relaxation is also having positive effect on the skin. Individual diet and activity counseling needs further more details about body physiology.

Dr. Prerak Shah, "PRERAK – The Holistic Medical Center".

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