Sunday, July 09, 2006

What Is Depression ?

People normally think that depression is something that is not a serious issue and they will get over with it in some time, but they are wrong. I would rather say that they are dead wrong. Have you ever seen a tree that is being eaten by termites? The termites just eat out the entire tree bit by bit and if you consider yourself that tree, then consider depression as a termite.

Depression is an alarming situation and is being caused by the change in the levels of the chemicals in the brain that control depression. If these levels go down then the individual suffers from the feeling of depression.

The feeling of depression is something that the individual just tends to get into without knowing as to whether they are falling in that pit unless that condition totally engulfs them. Some people think that they can fight it all along, but this is something of a much higher magnitude than they can ever think.

You must know that depression is a state that is going to move your from the axis of your original self and then it is going to turn you into a different person or individual whom the people who are close to you would identify as to something different that you are going through and the changes are pretty evident.

It is really important that the condition of depression is being diagnosed as early as possible because then it would be possible to treat it. If this condition is not detected early, then an individual will display a very different behavior with time and this is going to affect their mental and emotional health in a very disastrous way.

It is really important that this condition is recognized as soon as possible because it can turn the happy and healthier life into a living hell, which is not only going to have a pretty strong impact on the life of the individual who is going through but also will damage the mental and emotional being of the entire family.

by depressiondoctor on April 7th, 2006

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