Sunday, July 09, 2006

Depression & You

Depression is a psychiatric disorder in which the individual can go through any of the symptoms such as they can lose the ability to concentrate, loss of sleep, loss of appetite, lack of interest in the activities that one used to have, extreme degree of sadness, feelings of guilt, feelings of helplessness and feelings of hopelessness and even to the extreme degrees one thinks about death.

Now you need to know as to what are things that you are going through from as mentioned above. It is really important that you need to identify and differentiate your different feelings so that you are able to know as to exactly the nature of your feelings. If you are able to identify any one of the feelings inside you, then you can say that you are going through a bout of depression.
You need to remember and know as to how many times you have been through these feelings so as to understand as to how long you have been going through the bouts of depression and you and neither the people around you noticed the changes in your feelings.

Do you see as to how the depression is affecting your life and how it is progressing to deteriorate the balance in your life and uprooting you slowly and gradually. You need to take this very seriously and know the fact that you need to get out of this situation you are in.

Just remember that you are the captain of your ship and you are the one who is going to steer yourself out of this situation rather than any other person. You need to grip yourself and need to know that you need to stop the things that are growing inside of you and see as to how you would be able to come out of it.

This is a war between you and your state that is trying to overcome you and you can beat this thing that is creeping up on you. It is really very important that you feel your heart and do not let yourself drown in the feelings that you are in because this is the time that you realize that you need to take off the cloak of the feelings that you are getting into.

I believe that you can come out of it and can win over the feelings that are trying to cover you all.

by depressiondoctor on April 7th, 2006

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