Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The utilization of UV light spectrum as a therapeutic agent has been studied for more than 130 years. At the turn of the 19th century its beneficial effects were associated with the destruction of infectious organisms in the blood. Later studies revealed its positive influences on the immune, circulatory and hormonal systems. The technique of irradiating blood ex vivo with UV light, and its later reinfusion to patients, has demonstrated significant effects in the treatment of several pathological diseases.
At Oasis of Hope Hospital we combine the previously described AHT procedure with UV irradiation, by exposing once or twice the withdrawn ozonized blood to three UV-A lamps at a rate of 20 ml/min in a joint circuit inside a UV-A light permeable quartz chamber, before reinfusing it back to the patient.
UV blood irradiation treatment has shown high antitumoral activity due to the direct cytotoxic action it has against tumoral cells that are in the bloodstream. In addition, controlled UV irradiation exposure has also a 'vaccination effect', similar to that of the ozone action, it promotes the maturation of dendritic cells through oxidative stimulation in the presence of apoptotic (programmed cell death) tumoral cells.
It is scientifically well documented that the immune system's dendritic cells fraction is a key factor in the fight against tumors. The UV light blood irradiation also promotes the activation of other cells of the immune system through and supports the production of cytokines promoting antitumoral activity such as IL-2, tumor necrosis factor and interferon among others.
We have found at the Oasis of Hope Hospital that the combination of both techniques produces a synergetic effect, which improves the body's response against the disease and allows a better outcome after treatment.
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