Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Choose healthy lifestyle, nutritious food over hormone replacement therapy for menopause symptoms

by: Cindy Jones-Shoeman

It's understandable that a woman would like to avoid discomfort while going through menopause. After all, what woman likes having hot flashes or experiencing vaginal dryness? The problem, though, is that taking hormones is not the answer. Natural News has covered the multiple dangers of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), warning women that HRT can possibly cause asthma, ovarian and breast cancer, and other unwanted ailments. Avoiding a hot flash is not worth the trade for breast cancer.

So what can women do to ease the symptoms of menopause while staying safe? There are a few natural remedies that won't leave women worse off than when they started.

Regular exercise

According to Patient UK, regular exercise can be a good way to manage the symptoms of menopause. The site recommends aerobic activities that involve sustained effort, like swimming. Weight-bearing exercise can also be beneficial and could help combat osteoporosis later in life as well because this kind of exercise helps build bone. Yoga can be helpful because of its relaxing effect on the body. Read more...

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