Sunday, July 03, 2011

Heart-Attack Risk Spikes After Sex, Exercise

( — Exercising or having sex roughly triples a person’s risk of heart attack in the hours immediately afterward, especially if the person does those activities infrequently, according to a new analysis in the Journal of the American Medical Association.


Heart patients shouldn’t abstain from sex or forgo exercise based on this finding, however. Although a threefold increase in heart-attack risk sounds scary, the overall likelihood of having a heart attack after working out or making love is still very low—on the order of 3 in 1,000,000, as opposed to 1 in 1,000,000.

“Definitely, one should not interpret our findings as meaning that physical activity or sexual activity are dangerous or harmful,” says one of the study’s authors, Issa Dahabreh, MD, a researcher at Tufts Medical Center’s Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies, in Boston. “The effect at an individual level is small.”

Moreover, the study participants who were more physically active appeared to be less susceptible to a heart attack following intercourse or a workout. “People who exercise regularly have a much smaller increase in risk, if any,” Dr. Dahabreh says. Read more...

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