Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Are Apricot Seeds the Answer to Cancer?

Here is an excerpt from an article by James South on Laetrile in which he discusses its possible modes of action. The full article also describes a range of very positive results that suggest that Laetrile can be effective as a cancer preventative and for controlling cancer. The full article can be seen here : http://smart-drugs.com/ias-laetrile.htm

All 14 nitrilosides are 3-part molecules: sugar, cyanide, and either benzaldehyde or acetone. (3) It is thus literally true to say that Laetrile contains cyanide, a deadly poison. Yet it is also true to say that table salt, sodium chloride, contains the deadly poison, chlorine. Under normal conditions, the chlorine in salt and the cyanide in Laetrile is tightly bound, in no danger of suddenly leaking out Read more...

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