Friday, October 01, 2010

Let's optimize your flora: Food poisoning can be long-term problem

Let's stop being so sensitive to many foods and let's get more use out of our foods and supplements. Let's optimize your flora.

This article from Life Extension about food poisoning and potential long term adverse effects take DYSBIOSIS to a level where I believe we are all going to need to learn more.

I think whether we blame it on food poisoning 10 years ago or just Dysbiosis, many of us have needless irritable bowel, reactive arthritis, and renal failure etc. from the toxins released by many of the pathogens that will be found in competent stool analysis today, if we could afford in-depth anaerobic stool analysis. Experts state that there are at least 700 strains of organisms found in the mouth alone and some state that they do not even have names for many found growing there and in the intestine. Read more...

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