Monday, September 20, 2010

Cytoplasmatic Therapy

For nearly a century, countless doctors and medical researchers have pursued the now
substantiated link between disease and morphological and molecular cell changes in patients.
As early as 1931 in Switzerland, Dr. Paul Niehan pioneered cell and organ-lysate therapies,
providing diseased organs with elements taken from identical healthy organs. In the last 50 years,
Professor Karl Theurer of Germany furthered the work of Dr. Niehans, ultimately leading to the
effective use of biological macromolecules.
More recently, advances in modern medicine and cell research have given birth to Cytoplasmatic Therapy. Distinct in
nature from other organ-extract and cell-therapy techniques, Cytoplasmatic Therapy embraces an holistic approach
to safely and effective ly reverse cell defects. Patients are treated with relevant refined components extracted from
healthy cells, thereby enabling diseased organs to again function properly. Read more...

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