Friday, July 09, 2010

The popularity of raw food is rising but the temperature in the kitchen is not.

In fact, the food being prepared at trendy raw food restaurants never enters an oven, touches a pan or sits on a grill. It is all served raw, meaning it will not be exposed to more than 110 or 115 ;.

According to one restaurant owner, the primary method of "cooking" is dehydration.

Those that eat raw food all the time subscribe to the "healthy food is living food" concept. They chose organic, unprocessed and uncooked food. "Raw foodists," as they call themselves, believe high temperatures attack a food's enzymes and minimize its nutritional value.

Vegans -- who abstain from animal and dairy products -- are some of the most devout followers of the raw food religion. And like many religions, this way of eating has been around a long time.

However, this rebirth recently has extended beyond big cities and stylish places. Raw food "cookbooks" are on the shelf at bookstores around the corner and offer raw versions of American favorites, such as potpie. Famous raw food advocates and authors preach to large crowds from Washington to Wichita. Read more....

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