Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Indian guru makes peace angels of Iraqi youths

MUMBAI (Reuters) - An Indian spiritual guru is teaching yoga and meditation to a group of war-weary Iraqis, whom he hopes will extend their new-found inner peace to their nation.
The 55 men and women — chosen by the Iraqi government — live on an expansive spiritual retreat in southern India and will follow an intensive meditation and rhythmic breathing regime for a month to learn about an alternative lifestyle.

Waking up at five every morning, they participate in yoga classes, meditate, help in the kitchen and take part in spiritual discussions, public speaking classes and spiritual singing as part of their physical, mental, emotional and social development.

Under the tutelage of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, one of the world’s most popular spiritual leaders, the youngsters also learn about leadership qualities so that when they go back they can lead their local communities.

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