Monday, September 17, 2007

Ethyl Acetate Free Parasite Concentration - Improved Safety and Results!

The new Parasep SF Faecal Concentrators from DiaSys Europe, use a unique and highly effective dual filter combination to clean up faecal samples for microscopic examination without using ethyl acetate.

The samples are filtered, and fat removed, using only Formalin and Triton-X, meaning flammable and toxic solvents are eliminated. In addition to the obvious health and safety benefits for laboratory staff, the product has been shown to remove more fat globules than ethyl acetate protocols, and provide improved morphology of protozoal cysts.

The resulting concentrate is less cohesive, and therefore easier to manipulate, and disposal of waste is more straightforward as there is no flammable solvent in the mix.

Available in both of the recognised Parasep sizes, to fit standard 15ml and 50ml centrifuge buckets, Parasep SF is still fast and easy to use with our renowned simple four stage process. Please contact us for further information and free samples.

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