Sunday, July 09, 2006

You & Your Dark Room

Depression is just like a dark pit, which swallows individuals up and then it is going to put you in a situation where you are left alone. The worst ever situation is that when you are closing yourself out and not letting the light seep through you and you are going down and down and down.

Have you ever thought that your dark room is exactly the same situation of what you are on the inside, dark, helpless, hopeless. Tell me honestly, is this the same situation that you want to be in and believe me I can answer that question for you, and the answer is yes.

Now you need to tell me one thing, is this answer given by you or the state that is ruling you or the feelings that have taken over you? I think this will make you think a little because as far as I know and I believe, this is not you but the state that is answering for you.

I want to ask you another question, for how long do you think you will be able to live in such a situation, don’t you think that how this feeling of yours is affecting you and your loved ones. I believe you do and you feel helpless that you can’t help yourself and thus you just prefer the way you are.

If you are reading this article, I would ask you to not give up on you as a friend, you are the center point of the lives of so many people and those people are just different planets revolving around you. If you think you have no one and you are all alone then again you are getting these messages from your state of mind and not yourself, you have you and you need to understand the strength and value of yourself.

Tell me one thing, if you find someone who is going through the same feelings as you, what are you going to do, aren’t you going to help that person to get out of these feelings, I believe you do, then know how important you are, as you can be a light in the lives of those people who are in their dark rooms inside themselves, alone, all alone.

If you have no one, you have you, and you are the light in the lives of so many people, only if you can understand the strength of that. You need to be alive to help the people live. You are lucky that you have seen such state because you can now understand as to how this state jolts a human being and turns their life upside down and now knowing all this you can fill the lives of others with happiness and love.

I hope I have not offended you at any place because I never meant to, just wanted you to know as to how special and important you are.

by depressiondoctor on April 12th, 2006

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