Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Holiday stress is here! Want to know the 11 steps for stress ...

PR Leap (press release) - Chula Vista, CA,USA... This is achieved by progressive relaxation techniques borrowed from Meditation, Visualization, Self Hypnosis and Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of life. ...Holiday stress is here! Want to know the 11 steps for stress management?

(PRLEAP.COM) Orlando, FL - Mike Angulo, a Life Coach, announced today that there are great ways for people to use their minds to manage stress during this holiday season. In his e-book, “Jack the Lizard”, Angulo explains in detail how to use 11 steps to handle adversity and stress. This book will allow anyone to find out how to create a stress-busting mindset for handling tough times, so that they can really enjoy the positive ones.

Jack, the book’s main character, falls into a hole with his two friends and figures out how to escape. He represents people who are experiencing any difficulty in life. His story teaches anyone, young and old, how to use the mind differently to find ways out of a problem and to see fear, not as an obstacle, but as a signal to take action. The full story is available for download at http://www.stressreliefcoaching.com/

The "Stress Relief Coach" explains that people simply have to learn to use their minds more intelligently, focusing on the results they want instead of obsessing about the troubles they’re facing. “Jack the Lizard” shows exactly how to do just that.

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